We ask:

  • Serious interest in macrobiotic cooking, shiatsu and yoga
  • Good worker, housekeeping, officework or in the garden, about 4 hour  work a day, 2 days off a week and free holiday periods
  • Likes youngsters and community living
  • For shorter or longer period
  • MB-300 Fee to be paid depends on time of stay, more info at the office
  • One year means: training level one shiatsu and level one in cooking.  Next to the training and study of cooking and shiatsu this stay also means working on your personal condition, revitalise and learn about Oriental medicine. For preparation get MB-300 exam questions.

We offer

  • Own room in English cottage house, all delicious macromeals
  • Cooking: everyday “hands on cooking” and one cooking weekend a month
  • Summercamps, ski holidays and other activities
  • Interesting contacts also international
  • On line internet, library
  • Since 1978, when we ran the okido yoga dojo in Antwerp up to now in Westmalle (since 1990) we have hosted AZ-300 students from all over the world, of all ages… many now have created their own jobs and run centres in Spain, Australia, Switserland, Norway, France, Belgium, Sweden, Canada… and so many more. Many got AZ-300 questions answers and this helped them in their exams.
  • Meet us on facebook: send friend’s request to  Mieke Vervecken-Pieters

INFORMATION: Mieke Vervecken – Pieters

Oude Baan 104