The Macrobiotic Lifestyle

More than food alone

Let us do away with one of the biggest misunderstandings: macrobiotics is not about food alone and what you should or should not eat. More than a wholefoods diet, macrobiotics is a complete lifestyle based upon living in balance with nature and our own bodies. It includes a range of lifestyle changes that involve not only what we will have on our plates, but also the manner in which we use and exercise our bodies and our connection with other people, our surroundings, … yes it even affects us in a spiritual way.

The body is meant to move

Together with eating a standard or a more personalised diet, it is important to cultivate an active lifestyle. Our body is made to move and physical exercise will help re-establish harmony between body and mind. Walking, gardening and other outdoor exercises increase the oxygen intake, boost blood circulation and re-establish our connection with nature. In addition to this, meridian stretches, breathing exercises,yoga, dance and shiatsu are extremely beneficial to help rebalance both our bodies and minds. Of course cleaning and other regular household activities are wholesome too.

In harmony with nature

The best way to live in harmony with nature is to eat seasonal, organic and local foods. These foods are combined to create strong, balanced meals reflecting the natural principles of yin and yang energy.

But it respect for nature goes much further: for cosmetics and body care products, we prefer products that are all-natural and manufactured in a way that is respectful of animals and the environment. Also cleaning products are preferably made from non-chemical, non-toxic ingredients. We also offer CIMA BA1 dumps and you will get success with it.

Needless to say, a combination of all the above factors is important to maintain the natural balance between humans and their environment.


The study of yin and yang, the five transformations and nine star ki – all so inherent to the macrobiotic way of life – helps us understand our personality and character, and the way we interact with other people. This provides an invaluable source of knowledge to understand emotional and physical imbalances and how to improve them.