One peaceful world

By Mieke Vervecken

In 1968 my parents bought their first television, black§white of course, I was 16 and still remember my fist ‘news’ emission: the hungry, starving kids of Biafra.

I was shocked by the images for weeks. When I learnt that eating meat was a mayor cause in the world hunger problem I became a vegetarian. I dreamt that every individual would help to create a community where we would live, eat and work in harmony with our environment, respect nature and be connected as one big family.

Two years later I became very ill: depressed, overweight and diagnosed with a pre-diabetic condition, all diseases common in our family, hence called ‘hereditary’.

My interest in nature, ecology, natural life and natural healing brought me into contact with a natural food store in Antwerp where lectures were given. I will never forget my first lecture with Dr.Marc Van Cauwenberghe: ‘’How to heal yourself and promote world peace: the Macrobiotic Way.

Ever since, macrobiotics has never left me, I studied Oshawa’s books, was fascinated by his ‘Zen Macrobiotics’, his Books on Eastern and Western Medicine and his spirit of NON-CREDO and VIVERO PARVO. He was austere, yet had an immense sense of humour and compassion. When I later studied Okido Yoga with Masahiro Oki (one time Oshawa’s secretary) in Japan I enjoyed the samurai spirit!

During my university years (I studied languages and philosophy) I lived in ‘hippy’ like communes, got interested in the feminist movement and was moved by the John lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and the whole movement ‘stop war, make peace’. However some questions remained unanswered: ‘Where do I come from?, Where do I go?, Why do I live?, Why aim I ill?, How can we erase hunger? How can I heal my constant colds?

I travelled to India (studied yoga), Kasmir (a paradise!) and Ladhak (beautiful Tibetan people), then spend a long time in Japan to study Okido yoga.

I continued studying Macrobiotcs with many teachers. Michio and Aveline Kushi often came to Europe, and I came to understand that we need the following to promote World peace:

  1. A world government, led by wise men and women
  2. For every individual to create inner peace, as well on a biological level (by eating, drinking in a more balanced way) as an emotional level (understanding your emotions) and a social level (showing great compassion)

In spite of all the wars now going on, many ecological catastrophes happening, spreading diseases such as diabetes, weight problems, cancer, heart diseases, pandemics, stress, dug addictions, violence and suicide I see many sighs of Hope.

Hope, happiness and health reside in each person’s body, mind and spirit.