Macrobiotic diet

The true sense of Macrobiotics is more than a diet, it is more than an exercise regime. It could be seen as a holistic way of living. The literal translation of Macrobiotics from the Greek root is “macro” meaning large, great or long and “bios” meaning life. We can see that Macrobiotics is about leading a “great life” and developing your full potential in a happy, healthy and harmonious way.

One of the building blocks of a great life, is having a ‘sustainable’(whatever that word means to you) great diet. Our diet nourishes our bodies and feeds our minds, when our diet is out of balance for a long period of time our body and mind become out of balance. We can see this easily in our society when we look at the increase of in chronic (long term) and mental illness.

This can be contributed to the great changes in the food/diet we have eaten since the Industrial Revolution. Which has been happening over last 100 to 200 years, compared to how long it took humans to evolve to our current state (in particular our nervous system and our digestion system) which has taken about 2 million years. In the Industrial Revolution we accidentally industrialised our food.

A balanced diet, or also called the Standard Macrobiotic Diet, includes Whole grains, vegetables, friut, beans (and bean products) , soups, fish, sea vegetables, nuts, seeds, a little creativity , an open mind and a sense of gastronomic adventure! There is much new scientific evidence to support that humans developed on a mainly grain and vegetable based diet , including meat occasionally , suggested as low as 2-3 times a month ( it explains why we have 12 molars and not the four teeth, called Carnassial teeth, held by Carnivores) they didn’t eat meat every day. Although the evolutionary hunter-gatherer diet is not feasible for most people in the western world, incorporating Vegetarian lunches and dinners on a regular basis has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease and cardiac arrest as well as increase energy, health and vitality.

On this site you will find lots of information on Macrobiotics, Recipes, Classes (in Europe) and like minded people to help you reach your full biological potential or get back to your natural health which is our birth right. To cultivate a life of peace, joy and love.