Ecological solution

Our beautiful blue planet is in danger, and we are the cause. However, even though the situation is urgent, the solution is very simple.

The present ecological disaster is caused mainly by the modern food pattern: increased meat and diary consumption as well as modern agriculture and industrial food processes have caused many different problems: an enormous increase in degenerative diseases, poverty, and natural catastrophes.

Macrobiotics offers a simple and effective solution; The macrobiotic diet is the ultimate food pattern for humanity: organic, sustainable, cheap, easy to apply, really at the hands of each one of us. And lets not forget how delicious it can be!

It has been our experience that a plant-based (vegetarian) diet creates greater health and harmony….Moreover, as we have eaten the grains we are building our houses with the leftover straw. Strawbale building, creates natural houses in harmony with nature.

It is true that Al Gore has woken up the general public with his documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. His work is most valuable, as are his suggestions to improve the situation. However more attention needs to be given to the food problem, should we truly want to save ourselves and restore our beautiful blue planet.

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Have a look at , for scientific data and join one of the world’s leaders on macrobiotics, Bill Tara on his ‘Human Ecology Project’: visit,. His recent book ‘Natural Body, Natural Mind’ reflects the deep wisdom found in traditional ways of life throughout the world.

Mieke Vervecken was invited to speak at the Global Environmental Salon held on 10.10.2010 at Zayed University, Dubai, UAE. Under the slogan “Consume Wisely”, the first edition of this salon brought together government officials, corporations, NGOs, and other representatives on the same platform to raise awareness, raise voices and reduce emissions.

His Highness Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, was the first keynote speaker at the event. The ‘green’ sheik is a noted forerunner of the environmental movement and set up the Zayed Environmental Impact Network (ZEIN).

In a country where one out of five people suffers from diabetes and, together with the US, has the highest rate of obesity and coronary diseases, macrobiotics offers solutions for both individual health and for environmental problems. Recently, Mieke has been advising several families in Abu Dhabi on a healthier diet and lifestyle.