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Imagine you live the life you dream of: with good people that support you, a job that thrills your heart – besides giving you a fair amount of money, a great family and opportunities to meet people, other cultures, study traditions, get enchanted by new ways of living….well this is exactly how I have benefited from it. Of course that is not the whole story: what has a front , also has a back. I began my journey when I became 16, and I was pretty ill. However recovering my health through macrobiotics has been life’s greatest gift.

How to get one’s life back into the trail may not always be easy but surely it is an interesting one.

Seminars: on macrobiotic philosophy, the 5 transformations, oriental medicine, nine star ki, medicinal cooking, etc.

Another road map is to clear H35-211 exam. You can do it with H35-211 exam dumps easily.

Cooking according to the 5 transformations: the course will start in October 2011. Please e-mail us to receive the full programme.

Advanced macrobiotic studies: oriental medicinal cooking – please e-mail us to receive the full programme.

Weekly classes, workshops and study days: please contact us for more information about our weekly classes, workshops and study days.

Food plays an important part in how we feel: it triggers our emotions. So if you have had enough of overcoming your depressions with chocolate and ice cream, or trying to loose weight by spending a fortune on vitamine pills, light meals or “trendy “dishes, why not consider following a macrobiotic cooking class. It will cost you no more than a meal at a restaurant. Besides giving you delicious food and the techniques to prepare it yourself, you will meet others, all of them trying to make a better life for themselves

The need for good cooks is so great, both in families as well as in schools, hospitals, homes for the elderly, prisons, offices….There is a great future in this job, not in the least that you regain or maaintain your own health. The world needs great mums and dads , good organic farmers, that see kitchen work as a way to improve health in their lives.. That is why I enjoy training cooks, on all levels. . Being a macrobiotic cooking teacher is hard work, really, yet the impact this has on people’s life is so positive that I cannot stop it.

A great cook not only understands the western diet but also the energetic principles of balance that all natural cultures have applied. A professional cooking training starts with 6 weekends a year and is open to all.

Cooking brings people together, so do residential courses. During the year we offer a ‘Way to Health’ programm, as well as work-study opportunities where you work and live with a macrobiotic family. We enjoy working together with The Rotterdam East West Centre in our yearly OHAYO SUMMER SCHOOL where many international teachers meet.

We also enjoy studying shiatsu, okido yoga, Nine Star KI, Eastern medicine and so much more, and at all these events we serve the most delicious macromeals.

Courses & events:

  • Move Up
  • International lectures
  • Way to health
  • Okido yoga training
  • Delving into the Tao of yin and yang and Oriental medicine with Bob Carr
  • Summer Festival
  • Work/study
  • Nine Star Ki