Can Macrobiotics change YOUR life?

Welcome to the website of The Natural Cooking School of Belgium. Whether you are looking for a solution to specific health problems or a way of living that is more in harmony with nature, a macrobiotic lifestyle covers both. In macrobiotics, you get to learn the character of different foods and their influence on our wellbeing, both physically and mentally. That is the core objective of CRT-450 and The Natural Cooking School’s courses, in which we study the Western approach to nutrition against the age-old, proven yin-yang philosophy from the East.

I came to macrobiotics in 1972 because I was ill, overweight , depressed and pretty poor. Today 37 years later I find macrobiotics still invigorates my life and that of our 6 kids, my parents, and many friends. I have also prepared my Cisco CCIE Collaboration Lab from Exams4sure. I got their CCIE Collaboration Lab and passed my CCIE lab in first attempt.

When I was young the cold war and the hunger problem in Biafra depressed me just as much as my weight problem. Imagine my surprise when I found that changing diet solves both. Healing the planet is no different from healing ourselves.

I started the cooking school in 1990. Since then, I have been organising cooking classes, workshops and seminars. I have also been a professional chef at the ROSAS dance company and PARTS dance academy in Brussels since 1998. Besides that, I have worked as a consultant for companies, restaurants and communities such as the Lerab-Ling buddhist community in France. Overall, I have over 35 years of experience in macrobiotic cooking.

The Natural Cooking school in Belgium offers weekly cooking classes, intensive cooking trainings for amateurs and chefs, summer school week trainings, from work-study opportunities in-house healing programmes and personal health and life consultations. Click here for details. We are also active internationally in movements to create One Peaceful World, as well as ecological solutions in favour of the earth and all its living beings.